New Car Interior Upgrades

If you’ve recently purchased a newer model vehicle or your favorite car is simply looking more worn than you would like, we can help! Here at Northwest Crafted Interiors, we can complete a variety of upgrades and repairs for your newer model car to make it look and feel brand new!

For repairs for ripped seats, broken auto seat frame repairs, leather upgrade replacement seat covers, and more, be sure to contact us for full service new car interior upgrades.

Seat Repair

If your seat fabric is worn out or ripped, the foam beneath the upholstery is worn out, or the seat frame is broken or bent, we can fix it! We will create brand new seat covers for you that will replace your old seat covers with a perfect fit and stunning new look. We can also replace the foam of your seats, whether you choose to invest in new sear covers or not. Additionally, we can repair or replace the seat frame on any or all of your seats. Our broken auto seat frame repairs are top-notch. If your air bag blew out and damaged your seat frame, or maybe a car accident resulted in a bent or broken seat frame, we can help! We pay close attention to detail in every project we complete. Don’t think that it will cost you an arm and a leg to repair ripped seats. Contact us today to learn more about our seat repair services!

Leather Upgrades

Whether you currently have leather seats or your car came with cloth seats, we offer leather upgrade replacement seat covers for new cars. We work with Roadwire Leather Interiors to create gorgeous leather upgrade replacement seat covers for new cars. They create upholstery kits that completely replace your factory seat covers, so they are not just slip-on covers that will shift and move. With multiple patterns and colors to choose from, we guarantee a custom look with a factory fit when you go with our leather upgrade replacement seat covers for new cars!

Other Seat Upgrades

In addition to broken auto seat frame repairs and leather seat covers, we also offer a variety of other seat upgrades to improve the look and feel of your newer model vehicle. We can repair or install a heated seat system, and we can install any type of seat cover you desire.